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Our Services

Etal is a member company of Grupo Marmex with over 53 years’ experience offering industrial solutions to the automotive, electrical, industrial, refrigeration, and transport sectors. We provide our clients with quality, compromise, and a guarantee that all our products comply with the necessary industry standards.

Personalized attention

Etal’s main objective is customer satisfaction, which we achieve by providing personalized attention from our sales team, which is supported by our technical service team,


Staff training

We offer courses in which your workers are trained in the field of the resistance welding process. The program consists of a theoretical part, explaining the basic principles, techniques, etc.,


Technical Assistance

We provide technical advice in accordance with your needs, whether it be for the design or redesign of a product, resistance and/or build-up welding, or regarding the materials


Engineering development

In Etal we produce and design to your specifications. Our engineers possess firm and innovative knowledge and are well trained to develop a wide range of products adhering to client specifications,


Etal, leader in solutions of
 Resistance Welding Consumables , Resistance Welding Machines , Electrical Contacts , Brazing Alloys;
for your project

We are an internationally recognized brand.

About us

Four reasons to choose Etal

Etal is a competitive company concerned primarily with the necessities of each client company and its optimum operation. For this reason, we strive to provide you with a range of top-quality services so as to help you achieve the best possible operation regarding the administration and manufacture of your product lines.

We have the ISO 9001-2008 Certification and all our products are produced in line with the norms and specifications of the Resistance Welder Manufacturer's Association (RWMA) and the American Welding Society (AWS).

All our special designs are analyzed, prior to being produced, by engineering experts who have sound, innovative knowledge, thus guaranteeing that the product complies with the specifications established by you, our client.

We provide technical assistance in line with your necessities, whether it be for the design, or redesign, of your product; resistance or build-up welding, or with regard to materials which can be adapted to fit the design of your product.

Given the high demand and requirements of the market, in Etal we focus on the reliable and timely delivery of all our products, always aiming to optimize our processes so as to provide you with the best possible service.


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