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Industrial Market

Etal offers our customers over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of electrical contacts for low, medium, and high voltage currents, in a variety of alloys, welds, castings, and forged products, as well as special machining for the industrial sector. Our products are manufactured by powder metallurgy processes using top-quality raw materials, thus guaranteeing their chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties. To achieve this, we operate our own laboratories with highly-qualified personnel.

Additionally, we manufacture pads and contact assemblies, offering a variety of finishes, as well as special machining in copper, silver, plus their alloys; welding (spot and build-up), stamping, cables, and flexible connections, in accordance with the preferences and needs of our customers, for a whole range of industrial sectors. All of the above is achieved through a variety of processes, such as casting and forging, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and traditional machining, plus assembly lines and electroplating processes (finishes), all within a framework of a vertically structured company.

We are well aware that a key factor in the supply chain is that each client is assured of the resources that guarantee the company’s optimum operation and are thus able to respond quickly to any specific customer requirements. This is why we operate our own manufacturing plant, together with a network of 10 sales offices located strategically throughout the country, thus ensuring both the sale and supply of materials in a timely manner.

Given the wide range of products we manage, we are able to serve a whole range of different industrial sectors, such as the automotive, refrigeration, electrical, transport, shelving, mining, chemistry, and metalworking fields.

Etal’s main objective is to assure customer satisfaction, which we achieve based on well-defined values, including compromise, responsibility, excellence, teamwork, communication, and integrity, as well as the highly personalized attention provided by our sales team and supported by our technical service staff, who have a rich experience in the aforementioned fields. We guarantee the quality required by our clients, on-time product delivery, and aim to create long-term relationships with all our customers, both large and small.


Industrial Market

In Etal de have developed more than 100 different alloys for electrical contacts, some of the most representative are:

Low Voltage: Fine Silver, Cadmium Silver-Oxide, Silver-Copper, Silver-Nickel.

Medium Voltage: Silver-Oxide of Cadmium, Silver-Oxide of tin, Silver-tungsten.

High Voltage: Tungsten-Copper, Tungsten-Silver, Silver-Molybdenum, Silver-Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten 100%, Molybdenum 100%.

Special machining: Special machining in copper, silver and its alloys.

Resistance Welding: Resistance welding consumables for pedestal machines, spot welding guns, robots for spot welding, projection welding and seam welding, spot welding machines, welding controls, ceramic pins, protection systems for spot welding machines (Pich defense) and  feeders.

Brazing alloys: high and low content of silver alloys and bronze alloys.

Stamping: Copper stamped parts, manufacture of electric blades, etc.

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