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Machined Parts

Machining: conventional and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) options to produce our machined parts we use machinery such as automatic lathes, milling machines, and press drills with top-class cutting tools for the mechanical cutting/trimming of the base materials, thus guaranteeing the desired geometry. Our machine shop is divided into two sections: the traditional machining area and the area dedicated to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) production.


Machined Parts

Equipment and capacity

In the area the area dedicated to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) production there are 5 CNC lathes with bar feeders for diameters up to 1.625", thus meaning we have the capacity to provide you with high-volume orders. One of the aforementioned lathes also has a double spindle, allowing us to machine complete parts in one step. Additionally, we offer one CNC lathe with a 1 meter turning capacity, and with 7 height levels, ranging from 300 mm. up to a full meter.

In all, we have eight machining centers (all with a fourth axis and automatic tool changers), whose stroke lengths range from 300 mm. to 1 m. These centers have the capacity to produce machined parts with a weight of up to half a ton. One of these centers has a double cabin with the capacity to produce machined parts with dimensions of up to 50 x 50 cms., and with a height of up to 60 cms. A futher center is dedicated to high-speed production, specializing in holes and internal screw threads.

We also have three CNC milling machines for auxiliary processes, as well as to help with the CAD (inventor) and cam (bobcad version 28) software, plus machinery for the other alternative processes we provide for our clients. See below for further equipment details:

  • Induction welding machine with a 25 w. capacity.
  • Percussion markers with 100 x 100 mm. and 200 x 200 mm. windows for flat surfaces; cylindrical pieces with a diameter of up to 1.5" and a length of up to 8".
  • Pneumatic arm for internal threads, for taps between 1/8" and 1/2".
  • Centerless grinding machine for parts up to 1.5" in diameter and 10" in length.

Regarding our traditional machining, the area offers:

  • Seven manual milling cutters, two of which are ferret milling machines with the capacity to produce machined parts of up to 3 mts. in length. The maximum capacity for machining in width is 12", whilst the max. height is 15".
  • A radial drill with the capability for drilling holes in large pieces (up to 20" in depth/height).
  • Eleven manual horizontal lathes, plus a vertical Bennet lathe, which can produce disks and rings with diameters of up to 25".
  • Two vertical bending machines, for producing electrodes with a diameter of up to 5/8", at different angles; two horizontal bending machines, for producing copper, aluminum, and brass rods with diameters of up to 3".
  • A TBT deep-hole drilling machine with a capacity for producing holes with a depth of up to 70 cms., and diameters ranging from 4 mm. to 5/8".
  • A boring machine with a 1 x 1 m. table, capable of rotary movement and with a bore length of up to 2.5 mts.
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