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Plastic Injection

Our injectors have a large capacity regarding the manufacture of plastic products in different materials and dimensions, combined with a high level of quality. We are able to develop specific designs for our customers, meeting the quality requirements needed for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Plastic Injection

In Etal we perform the injection molding of polyethylene, nylon, polycarbonate resins, and thermoplastics in general. We currently have six injection machines that can assist you in processing components with complex geometric shapes. Nowadays, the use of injection molded parts is indispensable due to the endless number of applications (for automobiles, packaging, household articles, equipment, machinery, etc).

The manufacturing process is basically as follows: first we obtain the tool with the geometry of the required part, taking into consideration the contraction factor in the cavity measurements, so that when the molded part is cooled, the desired dimensions are achieved. The cavity is then injected with the molten material, which solidifies, thus obtaining the desired geometry. However, the most important factor for the success of the process is the control of parameters such as temperature, injection speed, and polymer consistency.

Etal manufactures pieces by the thousand using high quality materials; the product list includes seals, plugs, capsules, bushings, insulators, harnesses, eyelets, and supports, among others. In addition, please take into account that we manufacture and repair our.


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