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Powder Metallurgy

In Etal we manufacture electrical contacts with powder metallurgy. Our goal is to provide you with quality products, something we are able to do thanks to the strong commitment that our highly qualified staff has to comply with all the dimensional requirements of your company, combined with the use of top-quality raw materials. These factors enable us to comply with the physical, chemical, and dimensional requirements of your products, which is why, in addition to our wide-ranging catalog of compositions we have already developed, we are able to create new products in accordance with your needs.


Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy (P/M) is an alternative manufacturing process for pieces with complex geometry and is used specifically with metals that have a high melting point or metal mixtures with different melting temperatures of the component metals. This process enables the control of the porosity of the pieces and thus allows us to obtain a homogeneous composition that, in turn, makes it possible to maintain constant electrical and thermal conductivity (constant physical properties in general).

Manufacturing parts by way of powder metallurgy requires several processes:

  • Mixing of powders
  • Pressing of pieces
  • Particle bonding processes: pre-sintered / sintered / infiltration
  • Dimensioning and finishing
  • Quality inspection (in both intermediate and final processes)
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