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In Etal we operate a rolling area where the welds are produced with flux —using either an oxyacetylene or gas torch— that can serve a wide range of applications: in the refrigeration, construction, and air conditioning sectors; for welding copper, bronze, or brass; for tubing, stainless steel, tungsten carbide inserts, arrows, rocker arms, steel bearings, and machine parts; and also as fillings in bronze valves, oil drills, and water-drilling pipes.

We also have an extensive catalog of chemical compositions to provide you with the union you require and to comply with your quality requirements; we assist you with our excellent team of collaborators in the production of welds.


In addition to the quality of the raw materials we use, the procurement processes for the different presentations range from melting to finishing, including:

  • Fusion
  • Cutting
  • Extrusion
  • Annealing/tempering treatment
  • Wire drawing
  • Laminating
  • Silver coating or glossy finishes
  • Quality inspection (chemical, dimensional, and fluidity analysis)
  • Packing in accordance with your requirements, or in your preferred presentation

We offer three basic geometries; however, we can adjust to your needs:

  • Round (several diameters)
  • Folded (various widths, depending on the thickness)
  • Tapes (various widths, depending on the thickness)
  • Lengths from 18" to 36"

The alloys are manufactured with AWS-type compositions, and are classified into groups with the following compositions:

  • Alloys with high / low silver content (Bag-X type)
  • Tin-based welds
  • Phosphorous copper welding (BCuP-X type)
  • Nickel welding
  • Welding without cadmium
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