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With over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of copper bars and sills, also available in copper alloys; we offer product quality, on-time delivery, and competitive costs that make us one of the best supplier options on the market, for both the electrical and railway industries.

Copper bars and sills are used mainly in resistance welding processes for the fabrication of meshes; however, in some cases they are also processed and converted into other products, one example is electrodes.

The manufacture of copper bars and sills is carried out using open forging processes, both hot and cold, until obtaining the desired specifications; then, through secondary processes, the mechanical and physical properties required by the product are achieved. To ensure all your requirements are met, we have our own laboratories where we perform the necessary tests so as to guarantee the properties required by the product in question.



The main characteristics of copper bars and sills are as follows:

  • Well-defined chemical structure.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Excellent physical properties.
  • The products can be forged and delivered to the final measurements or, if you prefer, delivered with an excess of material so as to be machined to the final measurements by your own staff.

The copper bars and sills can be produced in different alloys, see below:

  • Electrolytic copper
  • Copper-chromium-zirconium
  • Chrome-plated copper
  • Copper-nickel-beryllium
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