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Bronze brazing alloy

Etal’s bronze brazing alloy has a melting point of approximately 890 °C, which places it below the melting point of base metals (such as steels, low carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, and copper alloys). All this favors its use for brazing, which binds the materials with the presence of a filler metal that undergoes a phase change to become liquid (it heats above 450 °C, but below the melting point of the base metals).

Bronze brazing alloy

Bronze brazing alloy performs leak-proof joints in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, whether by using the furnace, torch, or induction methods. It is used mainly in bearings, gears, bushings, and pipes, among others.

It is produced using high quality virgin materials, which helps us to guarantee its fluidity when applied. The cleaning of the parts to be joined must be carried out with solvents, together with preheating and the application of flux; this is important for the welding process. If too much heat is used, there is a risk of rusting, or the deforming of the parts to be joined. The best recommendation for this type of welding is to provide low heat using oxyacetylene, thus reducing the size of the flame. Since it has good capillarity, it is excellent for the joints of tubes and when using brazing. It is also advisable to clean off the flux at the end of the process.

Its characteristics are as follows:

  • Ease of machinability.
  • Useful in the repair of fractured, or cracked steel.
  • Has low residual voltage.
  • Reduces the appearance of fissures.
  • Offers high resistance to traction and ductility.


  • Rolls
  • Bars
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