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We offer 50 years’ experience in the production of electrodes; quality, competitive prices, and delivery times make us one of the best options on the market for the automotive manufacturing sector, as well as for Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.

Electrodes are the most common elements used in the process of resistance welding, enabling the welding of different types of sheets with different coatings. In the manufacture of our electrodes, we use top-quality raw materials to ensure that the parts comply with the Resistance Welder Manufacturer's Association (RWMA) standards. Among the most important advantages that characterize them is they can be manufactured in extrusion processes, thus augmenting their mechanical properties and providing superior durability. In addition, they can be 100% machined, thanks to the wide variety of processes we offer.



Types of electrodes

We manufacture electrodes in a wide variety of geometries, dimensions, and materials. Our laboratories and equipment ensure that our materials meet our customers' requirements, in addition to being produced according to Resistance Welder Manufacturer's Association (RWMA) standards.

We offer them in the following alloys:

    Class 1        Cu-Zr

    Class 2        Cu-Cr / Cu-Cr-Zr

    Class 3        Cu-Ni-Be

We also offer a wide range of electrodes with inserts in the following materials:

    Class 10       Cu-W (55%)

    Class 11       Cu-W (75%)

    Class 12       Cu-W (80%)

    Class 13       W (100%)

    Class 14       Mo (100%)

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