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High silver content brazing alloys

Etal’s brazing alloys are produced from high purity virgin metals so as to ensure the metallurgical properties of the alloys, such as melting temperature, flowability, cleanliness, and the exact working range. The aforementioned ensures that the joints are welded with quality, thus prolonging the life of the components and preventing deterioration for several years.

Their characteristics are as follows:

  • Good absorption.
  • Excellent fluidity.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • The ability to join dissimilar metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • The ability to make strong joints that are resistant to vibration.
  • They require the use of flux.

This family of alloys finds its main application in welding with high silver content, which has been developed for virtually all non-ferrous metals, except aluminum and magnesium, given their high propensity to oxidization.

High silver content brazing alloys

We offer bare rods without flux, which must be supplied at the time of welding according to the standard measurements of the market. To apply these welds, the oxygen-acetylene torch, butane, or propane torch, or natural gas torch must be used. The characteristics of welded joints vary fundamentally, depending on the silver content and, in some cases, the cadmium in some alloys. As a general rule, the best properties will be obtained the higher the content ratio of these elements, along with the addition of others, such as manganese, tin, or nickel. However, high silver content alloys are used in applications where cadmium is not tolerated due to environmental and health regulations. As a result, they are widely used in the production of equipment for the food processing industry. In addition, high silver content welding can join ferrous or non-ferrous metals through either the manual, or oven procedure, and can also be applied to heat exchangers, reactors, pipes, and connections in general.



  • Tape
  • Bulk
  • Roll
  • Nitropak tubes

Nitropak: advantages

  • It is packed in a nitrogen-enriched atmosphere to avoid oxidization.
  • Improves flow rates, thus reducing the amount of solder.
  • Improves adhesion, thus obtaining better penetration (less pores = less leakage).
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