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Holders & arms

Faced with today's demanding market and the complex engineering that is always associated with cutting-edge technology, resistance welding processes have undergone drastic changes in their applications, which have led Etal to develop its own high-complexity holders and arms in engineering, as well as in the alloys market.

The operation of the aforementioned elements in the secondary part of resistance welding machines is of great importance, since they allow us access to the most difficult places to weld. The unique shapes and alloys which help us to constantly increase the performance of our arms and bearers have been characteristics that have encouraged long-term relationships with our customers.


Holders & arms

Etal’s holders and arms guarantee you a performance above your expectations. With no less than 50 years’ experience, our team of highly-qualified engineers, together with our forging department (in which the use of new technologies is standard practice),  can offer you production of the most complex forms, thus enabling us to satisfy all your expectations.

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