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Special Machining

Over 50 years´ experience supports in the production of parts with special machining requirements in copper alloys; the quality, delivery times, and competitive pricing makes Etal one of the best options on the market for actors in the metalworking industry.

The elaboration of specially machined parts in copper is carried out under different processes depending on the specifications of the product in question. Normally, these parts can be used in special welding processes, in electrical conduction equipment, or in devices and tools. They are produced in accordance with customer requirements, thus guaranteeing their properties and functionality, with the advantage that Etal has its own laboratories where the necessary tests are elaborated so as to ensure customer satisfaction.


Special Machining

Requirements for specially machined parts:

  • Client plans for the production of the parts.
  • Specific client requirements.
  • Physical surveys of the pieces, in cases where no detailed plans exist.
  • Technical support for the design, or redesign, of the parts.
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